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The Foundation ERO Will Build -


The World we live in is upside down. The Constitution is being assaulted on a daily basis. Our laws mean nothing. In this crazy world where masked men and women can burn buildings, violently hit peaceful protestors, and scream like crazed fanatics against those who believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, is considered normal.

America is at the EDGE where good men and women have to pick up the call to return the United States of America to law and order, words mean something and respect and civility are the norm and not the exception.

We need a world were fake news has to be combatted with the TRUTH, MOTIVES and AGENDAS have to be called out and corruption and immediate self-gratification are put aside for the good of the Country. And the educating of women and men of the true meaning of what it is to be an American is important and necessary for the future of our Country.

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